The True Bypass

The True Bypass branches out

I have a brand new smoking hot Facebook page. Yay :)  I intend to post some of the more personal stories there, and hopefully get some communication going. Please don't hesitate to drop me a line or two on the timeline. I'd love to hear your thoughts on just about anything. You'll find it here:
The True Bypass on Facebook

I also have a new strategy for my Soundcloud profile. The previous strategy was to upload some songs. Period. :) However, the last two weeks I've been quite active in the community. It's a really fun way of discovering new music and getting some feedback. Hit me with a comment and I'll definitely hit you back! I'd love to hear your sounds as well. Let me know if you've uploaded something and want some feedback! Here's my profile:
The True Bypass on Soundcloud

Oh, I almost forgot – I made The True Bypass and Your Voice Amused available for download on Soundcloud. Go get your tunes!