The True Bypass


  • I'm writing new songs again. It's been a while since I completed a new song, but I have a bunch of ideas recorded on my phone. I'm really excited about pulling them out of there and make something of them. I will make sure to upload a couple of them and make them available to website members in a short while.

    Here's how you become a valued The True Bypass website member

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  • My debut album The True Bypass is now available for streaming on Spotify. My God, I love Spotify! Please check it out if you're in a "Spotified" country.

    Here's what you should do

    1. Mute your phone.
    2. Grab a beverage.
    3. Switch off the lights.
    4. Open Spotify and play music.
    5. Crank up the volume.
    6. Relax in your favourite chair.
    7. Close your eyes and listen.
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  • My debut album The True Bypass is now available for purchase on Amazon MP3.

    Unfortunately they've associated the album with the wrong artist. It's currently linked to the wonderful belgian duo True Bypass (without The). I'm waiting for Amazon to address this issue, but don't anticipate a correction anytime soon... Thanks anyway to Record Union for a great music distribution service!

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  • Wow! You're looking at months of hard work finally paying off. I've been working to get this web site in place for a new, older and better version of The True Bypass. It's been over a decade since I released my album The True Bypass. Here's why:


    I started The True Bypass in 2001 as a response to a square minded music industry that I felt trapped in. I was 23 years old and the world seemed black and white. I didn't like much of that. Driven by the fear of losing myself and my true intentions, I wrote nine songs about the state I was in. It made me feel safe – what could be more genuine? Those songs became The True Bypass – my debut album.


    The songs for my follow up album No Hero Sound have been recorded and ready for release for a long time now. However, I haven't been in the right place to take proper care of them, and I haven't had anyone else doing the dirty work for me. Life has been wonderful though. It's been about raising my family and doing other kinds of really fun and challenging work. None the less, I miss playing music, and now's the time to take care of those old songs!

    Music business has changed over the years, and so have I. I've found new ways to discover and explore music, and I realize that the music industry is a beast with many faces – it can be square minded and totally magic at the same time. I guess I've grown 12 years older. But more importantly, I've found new ways to share my own music with the public.

    My hopes are to connect with you – People of the Web – and to win some of you over. I'm devoted to this cause and will do my best to keep you entertained and inspired.

    Later this year I will release my new album No Hero Sound. Until then you will be able to look into some demo recordings and hopefully lots of other web site specials.

    Happy browsing!

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