The True Bypass

The True Bypass (2002)

Cover art for the album The True Bypass by the swedish artist The True Bypass

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01.The True BypassWatchListenLyrics & chords
02.No Hero SoundLyrics & chords
03.Plan VanishListenLyrics & chords
04.BootlegLyrics & chords
05.MachinesLyrics & chords
06.MudLyrics & chords
07.My FaceLyrics & chords
08.Fly BeautyLyrics & chords
09.Your Voice AmusedListenLyrics & chords

About this release

Length:30 minutes
Published by:Reactive Songs
Media:CD & MP3

The recording

These songs were recorded live in the rehearsal studio Sancho Plaza back in 2001. It features Thomas voice backed up by an electric guitar and tons of reverb and analog delay. All songs were written, arranged, produced, performed and recorded by Thomas Isberg. The album was mastered by Carl Vikman at Electro Audio Recordings.

The stories told on this album are about being true to yourself and to people around you. Please read the lyrics for a full experience. This music should be enjoyed in a comfortable chair, with the lights switched off and your eyes closed. Don't forget to maximize the volume.


Graphic design and visualization was made by the Elektrofuzz design team. That means Håkan Ängquist – thank you my friend! Photographs were captured by Lisa Ängquist (former Walgeborg), Thomas Isberg and Håkan Ängquist.

You can download and print your own CD jewel case artwork using this PDF: The True Bypass artwork (2,3 MB). It contains a four page booklet (one fold) and the back cover.


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The True Bypass

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