The True Bypass

No Hero Sound (2013)

Cover art for the album No Hero Sound by the swedish artist The True Bypass

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01.Live In The SilenceListenLyrics & chords
02.SparksListenLyrics & chords
03.BlessedLyrics & chords
04.TransformerLyrics & chords
05.ActionsLyrics & chords
06.Black And SweetListenLyrics & chords
07.Such A Silent SoundLyrics & chords
08.AffectionLyrics & chords
09.PromiseLyrics & chords
10.Desires And NeedsListenLyrics & chords

About this release

Released:2013 (MP3), 2014 (LP and CD)
Length:30 minutes
Media:LP, CD and MP3

The release

No Hero Sound was released exclusively as a digital download in October 2013. It was released on LP and CD on April 7th 2014, and is available here in the web shop and at Enköpings Skivbörs.

The recording

These songs were recorded in different appartments and studios in Stockholm between 2002 and 2008. The album blends classical guitar picking with crispy energetic percussion, wah-wah electrics and Thomas clear gentle & sincere vocals. It’s a mixture of Elliott Smith, Madrugada and Simon And Garfunkel. All songs were written, arranged, produced, performed and recorded by Thomas Isberg.


Graphic design was made by Håkan Ängquist. Cover photograph by Ted Eckman.


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