The True Bypass


Thomas Isberg AKA The True BypassThe True Bypass sounds nothing like the euro disco pop that was Thomas first musical endeavor as a young teenager in the early 90’s. One summer he traded his Amiga 500 computer for an acoustic guitar, practised day and night, and filled a binder with songs he wrote about his daydreams. Friends joined in and the band Sancho Panza gave meaning to adolescence in the small town of Enköping in Sweden.

Fascinated with the recording process, Thomas often worked in the rehearsal studio alone, putting sound on four track tape. In 2000 he signed with Reactive Music and single-handedly wrote and recorded the album Wound On My Neck For You for his project Rubbertribe – a four piece rock band. Three singles from the album gained some national radio airtime.

Short thereafter Thomas realized that he wanted to steer his musical career in a different direction. He went solo and started The True Bypass. The name came from his desire to play songs in its purest form straight from the heart – uncompromised and unsoiled by cosmetic adjustments.

Thomas Isberg AKA The True BypassThomas and friends started the record label Elektrofuzz and released the debut album The True Bypass in 2002. The following years were dedicated to live shows, and song writing and recording for the follow up album No Hero Sound. It was no coincidence that it was named after the second track on the debut album. Thomas knew from the start that he wanted to make nine albums – one for each track on The True Bypass.

Eleven years after the debut, in October 2013, No Hero Sound finally came out. It was released on Thomas new label Tintonic.