The True Bypass

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No Hero Sound LP and CD


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About The True Bypass

The True Bypass is a music project by Swedish indie singer & songwriter Thomas Isberg who writes, performs, records and releases his own blend of pop and lo-fi magnificence. New album – No Hero Sound.

“The True Bypass is a self-contradiction. Music that is rough and gentle, with minimalist instrumentation to evoke a feeling of fragile magnificence. It is naïve and cynical, professional and unpolished, hopeful and despaired. A velvety voice that cracks in falsetto. It is a snapshot of reality as it is, and a suffocated protest against the society that made you numb.”

Mikael Laaksoharju, Lax

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CD with the album No Hero Sound by the swedish artist The True Bypass

No Hero Sound is available on LP, CD and MP3. Get it here.

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